Pennsylvania Antique Tractor Pulling Association

8500 Clean Street Stock Diesel

The Clean Street Stock Diesel class is designed for DAILY DRIVEN, on the road pickup

trucks (full bodied, diesel pickups). A valid DOT registration, state inspection and license plate

are mandatory. All entries will weigh 8500 lbs. or less with the driver. This is an ENTRY LEVEL



• OEM equipment and seat belts.


• Ballast is permitted.

• Nothing may be added to front of truck or cab that may act as ballast.

• Ballast may be added in the bed of the truck. If used, ballast must be securely fastened

to the bed.


• Batteries must be securely mounted in the OEM location with a solid or metal hold

down. No bungie cords allowed.


• The body must be the OEM truck body, including the full bed floor.

• The body must retain full sheet metal.

• Metal aftermarket hoods are allowed.

• Fiberglass hoods are permitted with a sheet metal or aluminum skin shield underneath

of at least .060” thick.

• The hood must be closed and securely latched while the vehicle is hooked to the sled.

• The complete OEM firewall and the OEM floor pan is mandatory.


• 4-wheel hydraulic brakes are mandatory.


• The OEM chassis mandatory.

• The engine must be in the OEM location for the body used.

• Wheel tubs, back-half conversions, tube chassis, etc. are prohibited.

Cooling System

• Radiators must be in the stock location and be of at least stock size.


• An OEM or factory option transmission and transfer case are mandatory.


• The engine is limited to stock OEM make-specific compression ignition engine.

• Nitrous Oxide and Oxygen Extenders (Propane, Methanol, etc.) are prohibited

• Engine must be the OEM engine for the truck as intended by the manufacturer.

• Programmers or chips are not allowed.


• The turbocharger is limited to stock OEM/factory make specific turbos only. No

aftermarket turbos are allowed.

• 6.4 Powerstroke engines may utilize the factory twin turbo configuration.

• Turbos must be in the original location with no mounting plate adapters of plumbing

changes allowed for higher turbo outputs.

• No ball bearing turbos.


• The vehicle must have a working suspension, front and rear.

• No blocked or solid suspensions will be allowed.

• Traction bars and air suspension are not allowed.

Fuel Injection Pumps

• The fuel injection pump is limited to stock OEM engine model specific pumps only.

• The use of multipole high pressure common rail fuel pumps is prohibited.

• Pumps for different years in the same engine model application may be interchanged.


• Exhaust may be other than factory but must still be street legal.


• The hitch must be a receiver style hitch and stationary in all directions.

• The hooking point must be the rear most point on the vehicle and must be rearward of

the stock location of the tailgate.

• Bumpers may not be notched or removed.

• No pulling from the bumper.

• Hitch height must not exceed 26 inches from the ground.

• The hooding point must have a straight clevis or a reese type with a minimum hole size

of 3.75 inches.


• Tires must be DOT rated street tires.

• No cut or altered tires.

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