Pennsylvania Antique Tractor Pulling Association

PATPA Rules 2019


  1. Farm Stock will use factory drawbar at 16" height and minimum of 24" length from the rear axle centerline to the furthest inside edge of hook point off a loose clevis. IE not bolted/welded solid. No spacing of clevis allowed. Height is measured at drawbar, not hook point of clevis. All must use the clubs twisted clevis or likewise clevis.

  2. Farm Stock tractors will run factory RPM. No exception
  3. Farm Stock tractors will run stock tire size, or 2 sizes maximum over stock.No altered tires and rims allowed in farm stock class.

  4. No Altered tires and rims allowed in farm stock
  5. Farm stock tractors will have a 100lb weight allowance.

  6. Farm stock pace is 2.5mph.

  7. FARMALL FACTORY DRAWBAR IS HORSESHOE BAR. (swinging drawbar was an option)

  8. Farm Stock tractors must have stock air cleaner.
  9. Tractor must maintain original stock appearance.
  10. Generator may be changed over to an alternator
  11. Weight brackets are allowed
  12. Straight pipe exhaust is allowed.

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