Pennsylvania Antique Tractor Pulling Association




    1. No one under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be allowed to participate in any event.

    2. Tractors must be 1968 or older to qualify to pull. Drivers MUST be 14 years or older.

    3. Any new drivers must demonstrate basic proficiency operating the tractor they are signed up to pull to a club officer.

    4. There will be a $5.00 donation per class.  This will allow any one person in any one class.


    6. If tractor is equipped with 4 wheels and tires, it must have 4 wheels and tires.

    7. Wheel weights will NOT exceed more than 12” past outside of tires.

    1. Rear weights will NOT exceed rearward beyond rear tires. Orchard, wheatland, and utility style are the exceptions.

    2. Front weights will not exceed more than 11’ forward from the center of the rear axle.

    3. All weights must be securely mounted.

    1. Hitch plate or clevis ( min. 3” hole) for chain hook. Plate thickness (min. ½”) & (max. 1”). Distance from hole to back of plate ( min. 1” & max 2”).

    2.  When hooking and unhooking from sled, tractor MUST be in neutral with brakes on.

    3.   Driver MUST remain seated at all times during the pull.

    4.   Start all pulls with a tight chain. NO JERKING.

    5.   All re-hooks will be within the first 50 feet of pull, and sled will be repositioned for re-hook. Only 1 re-hook per tractor per class.

    6.  Speed limit horn may blow 3 times.  If you stop on the 3rd blow your distance will be counted.  If you do not stop, your pull is DQ’d.  Horn is allowed to blow a max of 3 seconds per blow.  Any longer, and it will count as another blow, or disqualification.  THIS RULE WILL BE ENFORCED.

    7. Disqualifications are as follows:  Unsafe operation of equipment, anything dropping or falling off tractor during pull, or tractor tires or sled pan cross out of boundary lines of track.  RPMs over 2500 must have scatter blanket and side shields.

    8.   Protested tractors will be checked before they leave the pulling track.

    9.   Track or rule officials may inspect tractors at any time prior to or during pulls. All rules will be enforced at the discretion of PATPA oficails

    10.   The association is NOT responsible for any damages to or from tractors.  Owner is responsible for all damages.  

    11. If a tractor needs towed to start, it must be done away from the people and track.

    12. No homemade tractors will be allowed to compete.

    13. Any protested tractor will be inspected, as well as the tractor of the protestee.  This includes weight, drawbar length/height, and wheelie bars at discretion of rules coordinators. 

    14.   No blowers or turbochargers will be allowed unless factory installed.  (Example: GM Diesels)

    15. Points will only count for original 3 classes signed up for.  First pull determines the 3 classes for points championship.  Any other classes pulled will not count for points.

    16. In the event of a pull-off, tractors in pull-off must go back to scales for a re-weigh.

    17. Points:

      1. Every tractor receives 5 points to hook.

      2. Tractor must hook 4 times in that class throughout the year to be eligible for points championship.

      3. Points are as follows:  1st=15, 2nd =14, 3rd=13, 4th=12, 5th=11, 6th=10, 7th=9, 8th=8, 9th=7 10th =6, 11th+=5  (numbers have 5 hook points added.)

    18. Any tractor wanting to run a kill switch, wheelie bars, or fan shields/electric fan may do so.

    19. Wheelie bars are mandatory for Cut Tire, 4mph, and the 6mph classes and are recommended for Uncut Tire and Farm Stock for 2017. One wheelie bar must support tractor at the heaviest class requested to pull. Maximum height is 10 inches and must extend past the radius of the rear tire.  Pad must be a minimum of 3”X3” square and minimum of 20 inches distance to the outside of pads.

    20. Tire sizes are listed in the class rules.

    21. No Radial tires allowed.

    22. All hitches must be solid.  Fast hitch allowed to move ½” in either direction.

    23. Please remember that pulling is for fun only!



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